Bumkey, Kanto and more to attend the ‘Asian Music Festival’ in the U.S.


The ‘Asian Music Festival’ will be visiting Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle, featuring some of the hottest hip hop artists from South Korea!

B.B. King Blues Club. Tickets can be purchased here and more information found here. The Seattle concert will take place on Friday, May 23 at The Showbox as seen on its Facebook page.  The Los Angeles event will take place on May 25 at the Belasco Theater for which tickets are now available here and you can find the details on Facebook!

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[140410] OBS 뮤직앤무비, MP3

Bomkey is in the list of "8 Artists with that 'Unique Voice'" ➜

[130804] 최칸토 @youngblood_kanto

Inkigayo!! #juStThe2oFus

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워커힐 도오착

[trans] Arrived at Walker Hill

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[trans] Music Bank!!!!!!

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세상에서 제일 행복한 시간.

[trans] The happiest time on earth.

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콸라형이랑 크킄

[trans] With Qwala hyung keukeuk

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[Twitter - 140416] 최칸토 @kanto94

기사 볼때마다 마음이 너무 아프네요.. 더이상의 인명피해가 없기를 기도합니다..

My heart is aching after reading this news.. I pray that do not have victims..

T/N: He is referring to the wreck that happened yesterday in South Korea.

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Ayo Bumkey!!!!

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