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#결혼발표 후 완전 빵터지는 #뮤지 형의 #문자메세지 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ 가장 유쾌한문자 감사드립니다 형님ㅎ #범키 #결혼 #실검1위 #실시간검색 #뮤지 #유브이 #빵터짐 #진심 #장난

After the
#muziehyung #messagemuzie hehehehehe Thanks for the best message hyung-nim he #bumkey #wedding #withoutrealtimesearch #muzie #uv #laughingalot #sincerity #joke

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[NEWS] Troy’s Bumkey to Get Married This Year

After being quite open about his relationship with the public, Troy’s Bumkey announced that he is getting married.

On April 15, Bumkey posted through his fancafe, writing, “I have something I want to reveal in this place today. I said that I had a girlfriend on the radio and several articles. I’m getting married.”

The fiancée is someone that he dated seven years ago before the relationship came to an end.

“After a long time of separation, we got back together a year ago, dating with marriage in mind. My wife-to-be is not a singer but a music producer and someone who is teaching students at an arts college.”

“As I enter the more stable lifestyle called marriage, I will greet you all with more comforting music,” wrote Bumkey. “The fact that I have someone to be with for the rest of my life and people to make music for is a great blessing to me and something that I cannot not be excited about.”

He shared that his wedding will take place sometime in June.

Meanwhile, Bumkey tweeted on April 1, “It’s not because it’s April Fool’s Day, but I’m getting married this year.”


140415 Kang Min Hee x Kanto - Call Me Noona

Kanto & Bumkey - Attraction @ Lee Sora Music Plaza | 140411

Kanto & Bumkey - What you want @ Lee Sora Music Plaza | 140411

TROY - Green Light @ Lee Sora Music Plaza | 140411

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#음원공개 !!! #올라가자 !!! #누나라고불러

[trans] #SongReleased !!! #GoPromote !!! #CallMeNoona

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4.15 강민희×칸토 누나라고불러
응원 많이해주세요:)
#0415 #누나라고불러

4.15 Kang Min Hee x Kanto Call Me Noona
Please support a lot:)
#0415 #CallMeNoona

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At the time of high school

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[140409] 최칸토 @youngblood_kanto


[trans] #CallMeNoona

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