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나는 오늘도 땀을 흘린다… 그래도 나는 땀이 좋다.. 땀은 거짓말을 하지 않으니까…☆ #허세

[trans] today I’m dripping with sweat… but sweating is good.. my sweat is not a lie …☆ #bluff

© trans: fuckyeahtroy

[140605] 최칸토 @youngblood_kanto




Q: Recommend a song from your personal playlist to fans. What would it be and why?
CW: Eagles – Hotel California
JW: JayZ – So Ambitious
BK:Ruben Studdard – Meant to Be
KT: Drake – Take Care

Q: I can eat ______ for the rest of my life!
CW: Chicken
JW: Ramyeon
BK: Chicken
KT: Kimchi soup that has pork and tofu in it

Q: My favorite hangout place in Seoul is…?
CW: Itaewon, chicken @ Han River
JW: Gym
BK: Billiard club in Nonhyun-dong
KT: Pet cafe in Hapjeong-dong LOL

Q: My favorite season is…?
CW: Spring
JW: Summer
BK: Fall
KT: Fall

Q: Given a chance to star in any variety/reality show, what would it be and why?
CW: ’그것이 알고 싶다’ It’s the best informative show addressing and criticizing social problems that aren’t usually known to the public
JW: Topgear, I simply like cars
BK: Running man because I can run
KT: Infinite Challenge. Its the only variety show I’ve really liked and watched for a long time!

Q: Mom of the group?
JW: All the members are like friends LOL
BK: CHANG WOO. Because he has a voice which like mom’s high tone

Q: Dad of the group?
CW: RHYMER, there’s not a ‘dad’ character among the members
JW: This too.
BK: Jaewoong. Because he’s the oldest hahaha~
KT: I think all the members are all mom types rather than dads.

Q: Baby of the group?
BK: KANTO. He’s really young..^^
KT: Hmm.. me… LOL

Q: Messiest member in the group?
CW: Everyone’s pretty much the same
KT: Truthfully, I think everyone’s pretty much the same..
Q: Neatest member in the group?
JW: Me…

Q: Member that is different on and off stage?
JW: It would be me LOL
BK: Changwoo

Q: If there is anything you can say to the member sitting next to you, what would it be and why?
CW: Let’s ‘fighting!’
JW: KANTO you should wash your hair..
BK: Buy me lunch
KT: JAE WOONG, can I eat this??
Q: If you could spend the whole day outside with no schedules, how would you spend it?
CW: Lie on the sofa and watch TV
JW: Sleep.
BK: Spend time with family and friends
KT:Eat a lot of yummy food and watch fun stuff and sleeeeeeeeeep…!
Q: What is one thing you are confidently say “I’m better at ________ than the other members”? 
CW: Strolling
JW: Strength
BK: Singing
KT: Using LTE data LOL

© sokoreal


Q: As a newcomer in the Korean music industry, please introduce yourselves and TROY to our readers.
A: TROY is a group with relatively a manly charm, producing true and refined music. Each member has their own talent in diverse fields, and we plan to do various activities so watch over us!

Q:  What sets TROY apart from the existing idol groups?
A: First of all, we’re not bound by any set rules, since we produce and write lyrics for our own music. So, even on stage, we try to give off an expressive and free vibe, but not excessively.

Q: Tell us more about your debut song, “GREEN LIGHT”.
A: GREEN LIGHT is not the kind of GREEN LIGHT used for relationship these days, but was made to address those that are tired of everyday life and that they should go travel or do something new like they’ve just gotten the green light.

Q: Guide us through the preparations for your debut concept and album and work involved.
A: It wasn’t really made to specifically be our debut track, but I think you can think of it as a part of what we have in mind. For future songs as well, we won’t have something specific in mind, but rather  try to express our basic inspirations and our feelings and own colors through our title track.

Q: How did each member get into BRANDNEW MUSIC and how long did you spend being a trainee?
CW: I was able to meet with our representative through RHYMER through BIZNIZ (musician @ BRANDNEW MUSIC) and have trained for 3 years since.

Q: BRANDNEW MUSIC is centered around hip hop mostly; can we expect the same music influences from TROY as well?
A: It’s similar in that it’s based on hip hop, but TROY will have its own color as a group, so stay tuned!

Q: If you could collaborate with any singer who would it be and why?
A: Miley Cyrus. she’s cool!

Q: What is one thing TROY wishes to achieve by the end of 2014?
A: It might be a vague answer, but I want to have laid the foundation for TROY’s music.

Q:  In less than 5 words (Korean), describe what TROY means to you.
A: Courage!

Q: Any messages to your international fans?
A: Thank you! We look forward to meeting you as soon as possible!

Q: Any advice to those pursuing their dreams?
A: Don’t be to immersed in trying to achieve your dreams. Be aware of everything around you as well as yourself.

© sokoreal

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